7 Passenger Crossover Vehicles

Most of the time, when looking for a crossover vehicle, such as a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), you are looking for space, such as you’d get with one of the seven-passenger crossover vehicles available, these days. You may have a larger sized family, have many friends or just need all that extra space for hauling items, as well as people.

When a vehicle is designed for seven passengers, you can be certain there is plenty of cargo space for pets or items such as tools, as well as seat belts, air bags and elbow room for the passengers. Not to mention, now with better designing in mind, most crossover vehicles are much more fuel efficient. Of course, there are a many of them on the market, as car manufacturers scramble to keep up with the competition. So, before selecting one to buy, it is a good idea to know a little about what is available.


What You Get with Seven-Passenger Crossover Vehicles

A crossover vehicle is, basically, a vehicle design that utilizes the frame of a car to handle the body of a smaller sized SUV. Generally, this works for people who do not plan to do much, if any, off roading and do not need the towing capacity of the bigger, stronger full sized sports utility vehicles. If you would rather have some of the functions of an SUV, need something with more power and space than a car and would like the handling of something the size of a minivan, then a crossover utility vehicle may be just the thing for you.


The Honda Pilot

What many like about the Honda Pilot, aside from the attractive design, is the power that comes from the V6 3.5 liter engine. The engine on the Pilot also comes complete with variable cylinder management, which increases your fuel efficiency and lowers your emissions. As for miles per gallon, this Honda crossover gets 17 while city navigating and 23 for the highway. It doesn’t hurt that the crash test scores were close to perfect for this vehicle, either.

There is plenty that comes with the Honda Pilot Crossover, such as a navigation system and power tailgate. There are other important safety features on the Pilot, including traction control, stability assist and automatic independent wheel braking for regaining driver control. Honda has earned a reputation as being dependable, as far as vehicles go, and this Honda Crossover promises the same high standards.


The Toyota Highlander

You can’t have a list of top seven-passenger crossover vehicles without including the Toyota Highlander CUV. Part of the strong positive feedback has been the feel and handling of this crossover vehicle. In fact, many claim it has car-like maneuverability as opposed to even feeling as bulky as a minivan. It has muscle, coming with a V6 engine to power it.

For those who are concerned about safety, you will want to know Motor Trend magazine gave the Toyota crossover the highest rating. Safety features include front and side air bags, electronic stabilization and a backup camera, just to name a few. With the Highlander, you also get details such as all-wheel drive and energy management.


The Chevrolet Traverse

Again, some of the popularity for the Chevy Traverse comes from the great handling consumers seem to feel it has. This is, indeed, one smooth ride and comparable to the feel of driving a car and not a truck or minivan. It also has one of the best fuel economy ratings on the market for this type of vehicle. That’s because the Chevy Crossover gets 24 miles per gallon for highway driving.

With the Traverse, you also get a vehicle with a five star safety rating, a relatively affordable price point and all-wheel drive. Many people are thrilled with the spacious cargo areas the Chevy CUV has included into the interior design. While it may not have quite as many standard whistles and bells as some other seven-passenger crossover vehicles, you do get things such as on-board entertainment for kids and rear parking audio assist.


The Crossover Crossroad

As you can see, there are plenty of car manufacturers producing crossovers for you to choose from. The idea is to determine just how much power, towing capability and off roading ability you need. If you can do with less than what a standard sports utility vehicle offers, but need more than just a car, a seven-passenger crossover vehicle may be just what you and your family need.

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