8 Passenger Crossover

Once you get into an eight-passenger crossover, you are looking for a full size crossover utility vehicle, or CUV, which is the biggest on the market. Currently, a crossover has rapidly become one of the highest in-demand vehicles in the automobile industry. There are several reasons crossovers have gained such popularity, including some of the power of an SUV with the handling of a car or even minivan. This type of automobile, generally, gets better gas mileage, as well.

Crossovers are in fact, usually built upon the frame used for a car. The body is that of a smaller sized SUV. The only drawback is that you lose some of the power, ability to tow and off roading capabilities. For those who simply want more room and some more power than what a car offers, though, a CUV is a great option.


The Honda Pilot 8 Passenger Crossover

If the number of your family or friends requires you to have something as large as an eight-person SUV or CUV, the Honda Pilot is an option you may want to consider. The Pilot is known to be durable and reliable, not to mention stylish. Reviews indicate the interior is roomy and comfortable, even for an eight-person crew on board.

You get above standard fuel economy with the Pilot because of the vehicle’s Variable Cylinder Management (VCM). What this does is deactivate cylinders so that, even with a six-cylinder engine, the power can be dropped to work as low as a four or even three cylinder engine. This conserves energy. So, with the Honda Pilot Crossover you get 23 miles per gallon when driving on the highway and 17 for city driving.


GMC Acadia

One of the features that gets the most praise, when it comes to the Acadia Crossover, is the cargo capability. In addition to that, the responsive handling and comfortable ride is comparable to that of a car. The engine powering this good-sized vehicle is a 3.6 liter V6 and there are five various trim levels available, depending on your wants, needs and budget.

The fuel efficiency is average, with a 24 highway and 17 city miles per gallon rating. There are a good number of safety features, as well. You get anti-lock brakes, electronic traction with stability control and the appropriate number of air bags for the size of the vehicle and number of passengers. There is also the rearview camera to help prevent accidents.


The Chevrolet Traverse

Another top choice in the eight-passenger crossover category is the Chevy Traverse. It, along with the GMC Acadia, comes with, possibly, the most power in its division. The Traverse is front wheel drive and ready to work nearly as hard as a standard sports utility vehicle. It comes with a 3.6 liter V6 engine, which is impressive for a crossover.

The Chevrolet Traverse Crossover Utility Vehicle also has a tow rating of 5,200 pounds. The city driving miles per gallon is 17 while the highway driving is 24. That means you get the combination EPA rating of 20 for both city and highway driving.


Pricing for These Crossovers

As with anything, you get quite a variety in price, based on the make, model and standard features of the vehicle. These three, though, are actually quite close in the price range. That is also because all three retain some of the same standard features and abilities.

So, when considering the Honda Pilot 2011, you are looking at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $28,320. The 2011 Chevy Traverse is attached to a MSRP of $29,370. Of course, you can look at the price difference and think about the difference in even just towing abilities of both. The Traverse crossover has a tow rating of 5,200 while the Honda Pilot only has a tow rating of 3,500. Of course, it still depends on how much towing you need and if the less than $1,000 difference is that big a deal.

Finally, the GMC Acadia steps it up a bit with the highest price tag of the three. The 2011 Acadia Crossover has a MSRP of $32,000. It is known to have better overall power, though there are so many similarities between the GMC Acadia and the Chevy Traverse, that the GMC is practically just the slightly bigger brother of the Chevy. Still, though if you want maximum power in your eight-passenger crossover vehicle, you may want to opt for the one with the highest sticker price, in this case.

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