Best Gas Mileage Crossover

When looking into getting a new vehicle, fuel economy should be something to keep in mind. Looking for the best gas mileage crossover ensures that you get the most bang for your buck when you get to the pump. You not only save on monthly gas bills, but you help the environment.


Whatever the driving force is behind your desire to find this kind of SUV, you should know a little about the options available to you.


Ford Escape Hybrid

Hybrid crossovers have become quite the popular vehicle. You get more than you would from a car, deal with less than you would with an SUV and get the fuel efficiencies of a hybrid. The trick is to find the best gas mileage crossover for your next vehicle. With the Escape, you get 23 city miles per gallon and 28 for the highway. In addition, this is a fairly affordable option with a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $21,240.


The Ford Escape gets rave reviews for its economical value, but there’s more than that. The Escape also offers consumers the latest in high-tech interior features. It also can come with the Self Parking System. The negative notes mentioned that consumers felt the interior was not as versatile as much of the competition on the market today and that some of what was in place was confusing. The handling for a crossover also did not match up with what much of the competition does.


Honda CR-V

Honda has always been known for being fuel efficient, and the SUV they have developed is no different. Slightly off from the Ford Escape, the gas mileage is 21 city miles per gallon and 28 for the highway rating. The pricing is around the same as well because the Honda CR-V has a starting MSRP of $21,895. Aside from that, this crossover is known to be fun, cute and family friendly.


What you get with the CR-V is also a good deal of storage space and features to make storage more practical. Without having a V6 option, however, the slower engine and inability to get up to top speeds has some drivers looking elsewhere. However, for the price you do get plenty of standard features. The cabin is one of the most comfortable and best quality in the crossover market. Although it is revered as family friendly option, please note there is no third row seating for this crossover.


Toyota RAV4 

Keeping up with the competition, Toyota has a crossover meant to offer the same great fuel economy. The RAV4 gets 22 city miles per gallon and 28 for the highway. Fairly close in price too, the Toyota RAV4 is a little bit more at a MSRP starting point of $22,475. Overall the RAV4 is known to be a sporty looking, practical and family friendly crossover choice.


It is also one of the safest options and has received high marks for its standard safety features. A third row is available if you want a crossover that can seat seven. Unfortunately, reviews indicate the third row can be cramped and is best left for child size passengers. Drivers also feel this one has handling similar to a car. Though it has a good bit of storage space, users complained that the door to access the cargo is awkward. Also many felt many competitors have more impressive interiors.


Subaru Forester

Keeping in line with the others listed here, the Subaru Forester promises equally impressive fuel ratings for a crossover. The Forester gives you 21 miles per gallon for city driving and 27 for the highway. For this Subaru the price is right too. The starting point for the MSRP is $20,495, the lowest of these four here. Although the style is close to sporty, the Subaru isn’t, and isn’t trying to be, refined. This makes the Forester good for a family friendly vehicle.


Some positive reviews about this Subaru are that is has a good amount of room in the back seat. The handling is also given props for being “sporty.” Consumers appreciate the fact that the all wheel drive is standard. Of course, the low price and fuel economy were also part of the rave reviews. On the downside, there was not much love for the fact that this vehicle uses an out of date four speed transmission. Many also felt the materials used for the interior were not consistent so that some were up to par while some were inferior.


Any one of these would make a fine option for the best gas mileage crossover for you and your family.

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