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When deciding on a Sports Utility Vehicle, many consumers opt for the best towing SUV on the market. Generally, these are mid size or full size SUVs that can be used to tow boats, campers or other vehicles. A common feature these types of SUVs will share is a more powerful engine. Look for all wheel drive options that have a sufficient amount of horsepower and optimal torque ratings.


The downside to getting an SUV suitable for towing is that you generally sacrifice fuel economy to accommodate a larger more powerful engine. In addition, you will probably want an automatic transmission so you have an easier time with the gear shifting. If there is an SUV you are already interested in just make sure you do some research to find out how it measures up for towing if that is a feature that ranks high on your necessity list.


GMC Yukon Hybrid


When it comes to a best towing SUV, consumers like hearing the word hybrid because it means you can probably retain some of the fuel efficiency that helps save on gas costs. Of course, with hybrids comes a higher initial upfront investment, but it pays off with fuel economy in the long run.


The GMC Yukon Hybrid comes with a 6.0 liter, V8 engine that includes two 60kw electric motors. The end result is 332 horsepower and 367 pound/feet of torque. The trick is to make sure to get the all wheel drive with the towing trim and you will be able to tow over three tons with this vehicle. With all this you can still get 20 miles per gallon for city driving and 23 for highway roads.


Ford Expedition


Practically built with towing in mind, the Expedition is more of a truck build design. This full size vehicle isn’t just great for towing; it is a large and powerful machine. With room for eight passengers and plenty of storage space, this is one of the ideal towing SUVs, unless it ends up being more vehicle than you really want to get into.


You get a 5.4 liter, V8 engine that produces 310 horsepower. For the torque, you can enjoy 365 pound/feet. Opt for an all wheel drive, six speed transmission with towing equipment, and you will have a lean, mean towing machine. Just be sure to test drive and make sure you want to have this size and power SUV.


Ford Escape


This is a favored option for those who want a smaller Sports Utility Vehicle. Again, you will need to opt for the four wheel drive version to be certain it will meet your towing needs. The 3.0 liter, V6 engine offers up an impressive 240 horsepower still, and comes standard with a six speed transmission. For fuel efficiency, you can expect 23 miles per gallon for urban driving, 28 for highways and 26 for the combined rating, at least for the new 2012 edition.

Even with this more compact SUV option, you can get a good towing amount of up to 3,500 pounds. The Ford Escape does great for safety ratings but leaves some consumers desiring more from the design, comfort and use of the interior. Also many feel the handling for a crossover could be improved upon. Of course, with the towing capabilities, size and a feature like the self-parking system, this could be your new vehicular best friend.


Audi Q5


There needed to be at least one luxury SUV on the best SUV for towing list, and the Audi was it. This is also a smaller towing SUV but works for many for lighter towing needs. The great thing about the Audi Q5 is that it is turbocharged. The 3.5 liter, V6 engine produces 355 horsepower, which can really help with towing. All wheel drive paired with an eight speed transmission is what comes standard on the basic Q5 trim and makes this vehicle capable of towing 4,400 pounds maximum.


It may look and feel small, but it packs a serious towing punch. The fuel economy for this Sports Utility Vehicle is 20 city miles per gallon and 27 for the highway. If you want to tow in luxury, this is the one for you, but expect to pay for what you get. One of the chief complaints with the Audi Q5 is the high sticker price. While it gets raves for being stylish and attractive, many drivers are disappointed with the lack of space for passengers and cargo.


When searching for the best towing SUV, there are more options than these but hopefully this has been a good starting point for you.

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